FC Fire Consulting has over 20 years of dedicated service to the Fire Service in both British Columbia and Alberta.
We work with you to set your future. 
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We have worked with many Volunteer and Composite Departments, Fire Protection Boards, Councils and Bands in all aspects of the fire service world, both nationally and internationally.  When you feel stuck and don't know where to turn for assistance, look no further, we are here to help you attain your goals.  We can help you through the rough spots.
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FC Fire Consulting
Retired Fire Chief Richard J.B.D. Finley 
FC Fire Consulting was started in 2000 on Vancouver Island, British Columbia with Mr. Robert Claus and Mr. Richard Finley, in 2010 Mr. Claus retired and the firm was taken over by Mr. Finley. Where it continues today from Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia.

For those that are entering into the job search as a career firefighter, it is utterly important to get off on the right foot with Pre-Employment Interviews.  Our success rate has been outstanding - look to us in the months ahead of your interview to get prepared properly - cover letter, resume assistance and interview techniques, don't wait for the last minute.

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Email: fcfireconsulting@shaw.ca
FC Fire Consulting was started in 2000 by two Fire Chief's, one career and one volunteer.  Both Chief Claus and myself knew there was a need to have a consulting firm that could deal with Composite and Volunteer Departments.

We have had effective dealings with Councils, Fire Boards, Unions, Volunteers, General Membership and the community where we have been solicited to resolve internal and external issues or concerns.

Departments of note we have worked with:

British Columbia

  Powell River Regional District - Advice
  Hope - Amalgamation
  Gold River - Reorganization
  Courtenay - Reorganization
  Mill Bay - Personnel
  Nanoose Bay - Personnel
  Mt. Washington Resort - Advice
  Cortez Island - Reorganization
  Nanaimo Regional District - Reorganization
  Agassiz - Personnel
  Sayward - Personnel
  New Castle Island - Fire Survey
  CSTC Whitehorse - Fire Survey​​


  Cold Lake - Amalgamation
  Wainwright - Personnel



We have also taken on the field of Firefighter Pre-employment interview techniques and have been very successful in getting our candidates hired by helping them through the most difficult part of hiring the interview process.

We offer a wide variety of services to help our clients get the maximum of benefit for their needs.

We can determine your needs with a concerted effort with the input of all the parties involved.

    - Advice on best advantages for money
    - Where to get best results
    - What is missing
Pre-Employment Interview Techniques
    - The right process
Conflict Resolution
    - Helping you get through the rough spots
Recruiting and Hiring
    - How to get the best for your community
General Safety
    - Reducing your injuries or cost by being safe
    - Inspections of facilities, grounds and setting
     ​ up a program for success
   - Setting up your community programs
By-Law Assistance
   - Does your by-law protect you and your staff
   - Budget preparations, are you spending your
    ​ money wisely?
   - Complete review of how your department
    ​ functions in compliance with all codes and
    ​ ordnances and the needs of Council or Fire
    ​ Boards.
Wildland Interface
   - Preparing your Community​

Dear Chief Finley,

I would like to thank you again for taking the time to meet with both my wife and I last night regarding my resume/ interview evaluation. Our meeting exceeded all expectations I had and gave me insight on my own life and perspective on interviews from a Chiefs perspective. I believe this will give me confidence to do better in future interviews as I pursue a career in the fire service.
Thank You,

Hello Chief Finley,

The interview was miles different from the other ones and I would like to thank you for helping me prepare and your insights.
Thank you,

Hi Richard,

I just wanted to say thanks again for our session yesterday. I feel I really got what you were saying, and told my wife that driving 9 hours both ways to have my ass served to me on a platter was the best money I ever spent.

Thanks for all you help, i'll keep you informed of my progress. I am very happy with your services.

Just wanted to touch base and let you know where I was at with the firefighting. I got a call yesterday, and was offered a position with the fire department! Great christmas present!! Wanted to thank you for all your help. Merry Christmas


I just wanted you to know that I've been offered a career firefighter position with VF&RS and I start training on the 4th of April.

Thank you for your help and guidance during my training session. The mock interview was a helpful tool and I would recommend your services to anyone needing help to improve and sharpen their skills.
Thanks again,


I got a job. I made the list after last year, and have been called based on one new position opening up. Although I had the interview before getting your help, I still got a lot from our meeting, and have passed the word around a bit, so expect some phone calls....from the smart ones anyway. I am copying this email to a friend of mine who was asking for your contact info.
Thanks again,

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           International Exchange Fire 
            Service Instructor Training

Chief Richard Finley, Firefighter Brett 
  Finley and Firefighter Daniel Finley
How is your resume?......is it getting looked at or are you simply not getting any reply to your applications? 

​We can help you get looked at and highly considered to be moved onto the next round.  It all comes down to proper presentation of your qualifications, experience, work record, volunteer work, and interests.

We have helped a number of individuals​ put their best foot forward and successfully get that job they wanted and for the most part where they wanted it.   Give us a chance to help you.
 Firefighter Pre-Employment Interview Techniques is an area we excel in, talk to any of our past candidates.   If you have not been coached on what departments are looking for, you need to contact us or another firm of your choice to ensure you are off to a great start.    Remember, most candidates fail the interview stage, that is where we can help you.!!!!!!